BFA Fundraising

Including a goal meter in your online fundraising campaign can motivate others to participate. Posting your progress on social media can encourage supporters to participate and share their donations online. They can be held as a single fundraiser or added to our other fire department fundraising ideas.
People don’t mark their addresses sufficiently for emergency personel to find them. A ‘SureTip’ board is a raffle board in which every ticket or “tip” has a chance to win. Due to the loss of our annual Lenten Fish Frys due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairmount has started to hold regular raffles.
You may also donate online by clicking the orange button in the right-hand column of this page. For as much as you are helping the firefighters, you, in turn, are helping yourselves as well. Our programs feature delicious pre-portioned cookie dough, tasty desserts, and snacks….All from an industry leader. The Buffalo Grove Chapter of Project Fire Buddies (BG Fire Buddies) is selling T-shirts and hoodies to raise funds now through November 6.
Wilkie has over 36 years in the food industry, starting out as a chef in hotels and restaurants, and has developed almost 500 products over the years for the industry in the spices and sauces category. After our interview in mid-June, Nick and Christina told ABC15 they purchased a 1988 fire truck from a man in their neighborhood. They also said they are planning to fix up their old ambulance and will deploy to disasters across the country if able. “We have a corporate station that we have out here, and that’s down the road.
You can also request donations from local artists, who can contribute to firefighter-themed paintings or sculptures, photography sessions, or artisanal gifts. Consider hosting the event live, as a silent auction, or even as a combination of both. Spread the word using flyers, social media, and other marketing channels to get your community on board and excited to participate. The Firefighter Cook-off Challenge is designed to bring together the local community and fire department for a culinary competition and fun day. The event can be hosted at a suitable venue, such as the fire station or a local park, and feature different categories for competitors like appetizers, entrées, and desserts.
Now included in the Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Fundraiser is CINNABON® for folks who are craving a sweeter flavor than a pretzel. This fundraiser comes with no-risk because we provide your school, church, youth group or sports team with 1 FREE ORDER-TAKING BROCHURE for each member of your group. The ABC Fundraising® High Profit Snack Fundraiser is a fun and easy way for fire departments to raise money.
Project Fire Buddies works with local fire departments to identify children with serious illnesses. The annual raffle of $20,000 and several other prizes starts in April, and the drawing is held at the Annual Block party which is always the last Saturday in June. Every community desperately needs volunteers and support, he added. We offer everything you need to launch a successful auction, raffle, giveaway, or ticketed event – all seamlessly interconnected. It is advisable that you consult a tax professional as to the deductibility of donations you make to any organization.
We are creating a virtual mall, where you can shop for quality products, where the vendors are supporting us by donating a portion of the sales. Please feel Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas to help us spread this throughout our community by sharing this page with your friends and family. The hand-cranked telephone of that day made for a slow process, but the two were batting a thousand percent as they worked their way alphabetically through the list of possible contributors. One would do the talking, asking for the refund check, while the other fireman would look up the telephone number of the next prospect. They had the list of one hundred names before them, and the office was darkened to prevent intrusion. As a volunteer fire department, we are financially responsible for all of our apparatus, equipment, training and fire gear.

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