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Do your elementary or middle schools have a lot of young, aspiring cheerleaders who want to make the team when they get older? A cheer camp or clinic run by your squad will be the perfect summer day camp for younger kids to try out being a cheerleader and learn new skills. Your coach and cheerleaders run the camp and use the school facilities, so costs are minimal. Just charge for camp participation, and you’re set to make some money with this fun cheerleading fundraising idea.
It’s something you can have up in the background and make money without even thinking about it. Just make sure the page is well-designed with clear descriptions, easy navigation and a secure, private way to donate. Online school fundraising platforms like MyBooster make this easy. The most important aspect of a raffle school fundraiser is the prizes you offer to donors. You want to give people an incentive to buy tickets, so give them prizes to get excited about! Gift cards, gadgets, and unique experiences are all good ideas.
If you have 6 places that average selling 6 boxes a piece, you could raise $1,080 for your cause! Many people have sold 20+ boxes for just this reason, using the tips discussed above. Share that we need to identify high traffic work places to leave a box. It may be somewhere they, a relative, or other family friend works at. Best locations in the workplace to display your carrier include a breakroom, cashier counter, or receptionist counter.
Water bottles are everywhere these days, so why not customize water bottles with your school logo? Students, parents, alumni and community members will buy the bottles if they know the proceeds support the yearbook. You can also substitute Disney characters or sports teams for superheroes. To make it more fun, you can divide the students into teams. most successful non profit fundraisers with the most coins at the end of the day wins a prize as well.
Individuals can earn up to $5,000 in combined matching gift and volunteer grant donations per year for their cause of choice. CollectMore is State Street’s matching gift program for fundraising. Through CollectMore, State Street will match their employees’ fulfilled pledges up to $10,000 annually. Through the Google Ad Grants program, Google supplies eligible nonprofits with $10,000 in free funding to use on its paid advertising platform. Since 2003, Google has given over $10 billion worth of free advertising to over 115,000 nonprofits in 51 different countries.
Keep these steps in mind as you move forward with your plan. They’ll keep you on the right track for success with your fundraising carnival. When you plan a carnival fundraiser, it’s easy to get lost in the details and miss the big steps everyone should take. Having a quick checklist of fundraiser carnival planning steps can save you both time and money. It isn’t too far-fetched to think you might hit a snag during your fundraiser.
Sometimes you just have to get up and groove in the middle of the day. Invite employees from local offices to participate in a lunch break dance party. This event will last about thirty minutes and you can charge an admission fee at the door. This fundraiser is more of a long-term commitment than a one-off event. All you’ll need to do is auction off an hour of the workday for one lucky employee to take a nap in a quiet part of the office.

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