It can be challenging for some couples during the holiday season to become intimate just because there are so many people in the house. There is almost no time for couples to spend alone or to be private when there are kids at home…. Nevertheless, it’s vital that you find the time to be intimate with your partner in order to maintain your sanity, partnership, and family. Having a desire for intimacy, focusing on that goal, and planning is essential to find it in its various forms.
If you have a vagina, anal play can lead to more intense orgasms. This is because the only thing separating your rectal cavity to your vaginal cavity is a thin membrane so there is no surprise that this area is an erogenous zone. Before jumping completely on board and doing anal with a partner, we recommend experimenting with toys first. Don’t let Victorian-era attitudes about sex stop you from having a great time and discovering all the things your body loves. A Tenga Egg is a wonderful little product – it might look complicated but really there’s nothing complicated about it.
Equipped with 10 enjoyable frequencies and 5 level of vibration. Flexible and soft head area is perfect for flirting, massaging, and foreplay. • Highly powerful 10 function vibrator• 5 adjustable vibration level•… “From the top 10 we can see that Kiwis have a couple of preferred brands, including Satisfyer from the United States, and homegrown brand Share Satisfaction. This 25-minute guided self-pleasure medi is all about engaging with your body in new and delicious ways so that you can access the orgasmic bliss that lives outside of your typical self-pleasure routine. When you do this, you are able to tap into even the most subtle forms of pleasure in all different parts of your body from all different types of stimulation.
So why is now the time to de-stigmatise sex toys and get into them? For one, everybody else is clearly already doing it; it’s just that nobody’s talking about it. But how does using sex toys impact the satisfaction both partners derive from their relationship? Results from new research into the prevalence and demographics of sex toy use suggest that pleasure in bed and pleasure in a relationship may differ for partners, depending on their gender. The popularity of adult toys has increased over the past decade.
All of our premium brand couples sex toys are designed to help you and your partner enhance and improve your sex life, resulting in unforgettable pleasure and sensual intimacy. From cock rings and vibrating eggs to dildos and sexy bundles, all of our sex toys for couples are ideal for exploring new realms of pleasure in the bedroom. Self-care cover a lot more than facials, massage, and exercise! Treat yourself (or a special woman in your life) to a gift that keeps on giving. Our range of sex toys for her includes vibrators, dildos, anal toys and bondage gear for all the internal and external pleasure she craves. New Zealand’s favourite sex toys and sexual wellness products for 2021 have been revealed, providing insight into what Kiwis are enjoying in the bedroom.
adult store and lingerie retailer, Adulttoymegastore, recently revealed the top 10 regions that bought the most sex toys as well as the 10 bestselling toys of 2021. For couples who are just setting out on their sex toy experience or for those who have been using toys for years; the classic vibrator is always a natural choice. These toys can be used all over the body to stimulate the stomach, shoulders, breasts, inner thighs, genitals or anywhere else that takes your fancy. It is this versatility and their relative inexpensiveness that makes classic vibes, by far, our most popular couple’s toy. We-Vibe produces one of the world’s most recognised and respected lines of premium vibrating toys, each meticulously designed to work in sync with our body. We-Vibe is adored for its signature C-shaped wearable couple’s vibrators, originally developed as a unique sensual toy for mutual pleasure.
Some anal beads are soft, whereas others are more firm or textured. If you’re looking for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, try a rabbit vibrator. The rabbit part (which may or may not be shaped like a rabbit) will focus on your clitoris while the vibrator internally hits your G-spot. G-spot stimulating vibrators are usually curved or they have a “nub”. They come in amazing colours like this awesome Sunshine vibe or they’re really pretty like this one. There are lifelike dildos, but often they’re curved to make sure they hit the G-spot.

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